Les échecs

by jemma margaret

Today there were plans to get back to work, which nowadays means reading Poncelet’s Traité des propriétés projectives (1822). Instead, Paris beckoned and an ever diminishing we (from four to three to two) walked about the city sampling croissants, sidewalks, and fancy food I will not be able to afford once the family leaves. Il faisait très beau.

At 11 o’clockish, the chess tables of Luxembourg gardens were not so popular. Perhaps all the chess players were headed toward Le Comptoir where we had lunch. Some tour guide had suggested to go early to get a seat. We swung by at 11:30 and learned it did not open until noon. After a quick jaunt around the block we joined a queue of other tourists and watched the chefs leisurely eat lunch inside. By 12:05 we were seated and the waitress was a bit put out that we had not yet determined our order. Well! Although we felt foolish blocking the sidewalk, the tour guide advice proved to be on point. Our delicious duck special de jour was sold out by 12:30.

Tonight we will justify our extravagant lunch with a humble supper, and I may visit Poncelet yet.