Bugey Woogie

by jemma margaret

Last night after a long hard look at the dessert menu, my father asked one of the waiter’s for help. Since he (my father) is used to native Thai non-English speakers, he has adapted a strange form of English devoid of articles for speaking to those whose mastery is less than fluent.

“Yes. We get dessert. You help me?”

The help was needed for choosing a dessert wine to accompany what turned out to be vanilla ice cream, berries, and a tuile cookie. The waiter recommended Bugey Cerdon (I had to look at the menu again on the way out the door and write this down).

When the Bugey Cerdon arrived it was very sparkling and pink. In fact, it bore a very pleasant resemblance to my favorite summer drink, Vinho Verde Rose–except even more sparkling and less alcoholic. If the warm weather persists (please!) I maybe buying a few bottles…