moins de quatre

by jemma margaret

Yesterday it rained and rained.

After a few too many hours indoors, we set off after a hot lead for caramel souvenirs. There we learned that although butter and sugar are not too preciously obtained, Parisian candy is très cher.

This is really fine with me. I can make caramels, pas de problème. I cannot, however, make wine.

The beauty on the far right cost less than 4 euros. It’s a Cinsault-Syrah Rosé. I’ve been on the look out for Cinsault ever since trying Preston’s 2010 version. During a tasting, the wine maker described it as a poor man’s Pinot Noir. But I don’t know how many poor men have $36 to spend on wine.

On the other hand, accompanied by a $1 snicker’s bar things might average out.