Au revoir Michael–Bonjour St Michel

by jemma margaret

Popz left on Wednesday morning and though I’ve been listening to some New York City history podcasts (I know, I know, I am in Paris, and I am looking for a Paris history podcast at this very moment), it’s a lot quieter around the apartment.

(She doesn’t say much)

Quieter, except for the sound of munching.

As you all know (and if you don’t you should check out Cook My Book), I am a perpetual grazer. You might all also know that Parisians are dedicated proponents of eating at meal time in the proper place with full attention. Back in Vancouver, someone (usually me) was always snacking in the office. We had a microwave and a trash bin full of banana peels and food wrappers. If I was going to be at school past noon, I would bring a lunch. Sadly, I would often eat my lunch around 10 in the morning as a continuation of breakfast, which left me very hungry by around 3 PM.

In Paris, no one eats in the office. Although they do drink coffee (I learned yesterday that the graduate student “lounge” recently acquired a coffee machine and I should buy some capsules if I’d like to take advantage), and, being mathematics students, they don’t always wear shoes. This situation is quite an adjustment. I have been bringing my lunch to nearby parks, but as the weather turns I am not sure what the best course of action will be.

Back at home, I make up for lost time. Most recently, this has taken the form of St. Michel, Biscuiterie familiale depuis 1905.

I am currently enjoying the Roudor variety, so chosen because they are 31% butter.

Speaking of milkfat, I was not crazy about the goat’s milk yogurt I bought on Wednesday. A bit too goaty and not as thick as I would like. Further, I thought to buy raw milk today but the expiration date was Sunday, which seemed too soon for comfort. Stay tuned for that episode!