Mon (grand) plan

by jemma margaret

Every day now, sometimes more than once, I show someone my big plan.

Yes, exactly!

Before I mislead you grossly, what I mean is the French sort of plan, as in, “j’ai un plan” now a stock phrase in my lexicon.

Oui, exactement!

Because I walk quickly with my head up, people assume I know where I am going. So I am an easy target for directions. As far as a success rate, I’m currently about fifty-fifty–a few recent victories making up for initial cluelessness. I even trumped someone with an iPhone, who had initial doubts about my paper version. But he happily walked in the direction I suggested. Sucker!

As my knowledge of the city and vocabulary increase, I might even start offering unsolicited help to the many groups gathered around street corners looking lost and confused.

Don’t worry, I’ll tell them, I have a plan.