Who are the people in your neighborhood?

by jemma margaret

Yesterday I moved 1.1 kilometers. Shockingly, this was not my shortest move. In the late summer of 2011 I moved 1 kilometer, and once at Disneyworld we moved up 10 floors (to a luxurious suite!) when our handicap room needed to be used by a real handicapped person. There was free sushi at cocktail hour in the upper lobby. It was glorious.

This move was less glorious, especially because I insisted on schlepping my groceries and I had recently bought a few baking ingredients (see Cook my Book in the next few days for that episode!).

Now I am fairly settled into my new digs on the Rue des Archives (except I can’t figure out how to light the oven). Though not so far away, I find myself on a wholly new commute. Here are some of the people that I meet as I’m walking down the street each day.


Sometimes they stand in line and sometimes they ask for directions. Occasionally they stand in line to wait for directions or ask for directions to lines.

My new headless friend:

Not quite headless, he has his head…it’s just not on his neck.

Math (?) lady:

I want to say she’s holding a compass, but it might be a giant pair of tweezers. In which case she is not a mathematician, just very very frightening.