Mon travail

by jemma margaret

“How do you make a living?”

Well, my dears, I happen to be very fortunate this year in earning a Research Assistantship with no research obligations (yet) other than mine own.

When not looking at a computer screen or an old book (ah, old books…), this means this:

With respect to the history of mathematics, look who has a school named after her:

I could pretend to know a great deal about Sophie Germain, but I only have bits of anecdotal evidence. She worked in number theory and communicated under a pseudonym with Herr Gauss, who reputedly did not mind a bit when he learned the gender of his correspondent. Turns out being named after “wisdom” is a good start for a female’s mathematical career. Probably the best known female mathematician of the nineteenth century is Sofia Kovalevskaya and there was a Sophie in my office at Simon Fraser. Sophus Lie (though not a woman) was also a mathematician after which Lie groups were named.

Now back to scattering and photographing papers, err, I mean, back to work.