le deux décembre

by jemma margaret

Although I am having a difficult time making my way through Lacroix’s essays on teaching and mathematics teaching in particular, I did succeed in opening the second window of my metaphorical advent calendar. That is, I indulged in some chocolate.

Again there are no pictures. Yes, I have a camera, but I decided it would be kinder to leave off pictures of delicious things.

Or maybe I’m just a bit forgetful.

I originally planned to go to a Schmancy chocolate shop to try their not too sweet chocolat chaud. However, just about half of Paris had made that same decision at 4 o’clock this afternoon. So I continued walking. Remembering my list from yesterday’s post, I changed intentions to get a pain au chocolat as an after dinner breakfast dessert. However, the shop with the best chocolatine in town (that is what there price list describes it as, though it’s a geographically inaccurate name) was closed! I suppose they sold out? However, now I was near another chocolatier. An open one. And since it is adjacent to the closed on Sunday afternoon Marché d’Aligre, it was not so busy.

I had a seat and was forgotten about for a bit, which is actually something I enjoy happening at cafés if I am alone. The chocolat chaud was nice and frothy, and it was a cozy, delicious smelling place. I would certainly go back with company.

But! I must say that I prefer the hot chocolate I have perfected at home. It’s terrible how I little by little whittle away any desire to go out by learning how to make the things I like to eat the way I like to eat them. At this point it’s just ice cream, sushi, and many ingredient cocktails that bring me out into public. Speaking of public, I may have celebrity spotted Dorie Greenspan on my way home.

Happy 2 December!