This one’s for you Maggie

by jemma margaret

I do not think my cousin Maggie follows this blog. Maybe she’s never read it. But here’s her chance to tune in.

A while back Maggie told me a story about her animal advocating boss going ballistic about nudging an overly aggressive pigeon with her foot. He went on to give her a lecture about the delicate constitution of “rock doves.”

In Paris there are some people (read: tourists and homeless) who like to give bits of bread to the pigeons. As much as I adore Mary Poppins, I am strongly opposed to feeding the birds. Perhaps this dates back to being attacked by seagulls while carrying onion rings at the zoo many many years ago.

Whatever the psychological underpinnings, I see no logical reason to support these winged free-loaders. They are only going to turn that food into poop and drop it on your head.

Thus, I was ridiculously delighted to see this truck parked next to Notre Dame:

IMG_3034Is it full of hunting rifles? Let’s hope so.