Vendredi soir

by jemma margaret

Parisians enjoy a popular reputation of being très cool. Americans aspire to Parisian sensibilities, non?

So you Americans are probably wondering–what do they do? How do they pass the weekend? What restaurants and bars do they frequent on Friday nights?

But that is chasing down the wrong rabbit’s hole. Bars and restaurants are for les touristes ou les expats ou les provincials. Come 6 o’clock, l’heure d’apero, les vrais Parisiens are not drinking overpriced cocktails, they are shopping for eyeglasses.



These eyeglass shops are so jam packed Friday nights, that one wonders whether (A) they are actually speakeasies or (B) the locals spend the rest of the week inducing eye strain in order to necessitate a new prescription.

While I might make a half-hearted attempt to sample Parisian culture, I will forgo this particular pastime. Even 800 euro frames look little more than so-so when fitted with -7.5 prescriptions.