Fabriqué en ???

by jemma margaret

Je faisais des courses–but I must be vague about where and for what since it’s that time of year.

Speaking of vague…

I do not know when my mother decided to not buy things made in China, but I remember it as a childhood imperative along with not chewing gum and please putting down that novel to look out the window once in a while.

Some of that advice stuck more than others, and I find myself an easily aggravated shopper forever searching for the origins of my purchases.

Thankfully, I mostly just buy food, and food in France must be labelled with where it’s from. A simple law, quite easily implemented, for which I am very grateful. Non-edibles are exempt and so much more tricky.

There is the classic clothing trick of citing where the material comes from, and hiding where it is cut and sewn.

Or the classic electronic trick of citing where the object is designed.

Or the classic many different products trick where some items are proudly Made in France, while others appear to have never been made at all.

The elaborate hiding of this information further confirms my intentions to not get entangled in this shady business. Were a shirt to say, “proudly made in the PRC” well that would at least be honest (or another and more complicated type of dishonesty). However, the fact that it takes so much detective work seems to point to an acknowledgment of guilt. Or perhaps I’ve fallen sway to the Napoleonic Code.