Les soldes

by jemma margaret

For those of you who didn’t get quite enough stuff this past holiday season (or were given oodles of cash to spend), Paris is in the midst of the winter sales. As far as I understand, “les soldes” are government regulated and occur only twice a year. Whereas in New Orleans, the celebration of the Epiphany is marked by replacing Christmas decorations with those for Mardi Gras. Here, trees, ornaments, and twinkling lights are replaced by brightly colored letters marking nearly every store window (sadly not the wine shops): SOLDES SOLDES SOLDES!

And for a limited time only the good resolutions can wait.

IMG_3162Years ago when I was a bit of a jerk (i.e. in high school), I recall someone asking me if I got everything I wanted for Christmas, to which I replied, no. Even worse, this conversation was carried out in front of my mother. Embarrassing to even recall. I don’t remember, on the other hand, what it was I had so desperately desired but not received.

I’m sure it was very important.

Now, though, I see no obvious reason to take advantage of the sales (unless they are selling sunshine?), which I suppose means that I did get everything I wanted for Christmas.

So…thank you!