les mauvaises habitudes

by jemma margaret

Just between you, me and the world wide web, I’ve picked up a few bad habits in Paris.

No, I haven’t started smoking…at least not first hand. These bad habits are more subtle, less obviously ominous, but certainly just as likely to lead down the wrong path. To list the first three that spring to mind:

1. Hitting the snooze button. It is very very far north in Paris and the sun is never up when my alarm goes off. The button on the left turns the alarm off and the one on the right snoozes for ten minutes. I almost never hit the button on the left.

2. Blow-drying my hair. Ah, this is perhaps the best moment of every other day when I finally feel totally warm.

3. Generously buttering my bread. In keeping with the national culture I most often have bread and butter for breakfast. I must admit that the proportions have shifted in favor of the latter ingredient since first moving here.

On a different topic, I am delighted that Paris happens to be the only city that I can identifiably sketch on the computer (and you can too!).


Untitled drawingThat just has tourist t-shirt written all over it!