les livres en papier

by jemma margaret

As efficient and convenient as digital reading devices might be, books have several advantages (here’s one, they made 10 of these films two of which have old friends of mine in them (unfortunately not including Daniel Handler)…small world.).

Parisians enjoy books made of paper, and as they are extremely fashionable people I can see why. A small plastic rectangle makes a very boring statement: “I have some money and I am reading something.” Whereas REAL books have covers, or even more intriguingly–no covers, which face away from the reader and announce their intentions to the outside world.

I suppose anonymity is good if you like to read trashy romance novels. Once I decided not to check out Wide Sargasso Sea from the library because it was dressed like a romance novel. I still have not read it. However, not being able to show off intellectual prowess takes away 99.9999% of the point of reading Heidegger (unsurprisingly, not available in kindle form).

Why just this afternoon I checked out The Philosophy of Space & Time from the library. Whether or not this proves valuable for my thesis, I am certainly going to look very very interesting while reading it.