Le Bois Sacré

by jemma margaret

Yesterday at the French conversation atelier in the Bibliothèque Pompidou, “we discussed” (i.e. formed together a jumble of basic vocabulary words and long pauses) advertisements.

As an exercise the teacher handed out small slips of paper with the logos of international products with French names on them. One girl got a rectangle with “Le Bois Sacré” on it.

I’m afraid the internet wont even help you with this one.

As the only American, the teacher seemed surprised that I didn’t know…um, construction material for churches? I guessed.

Not even close. Le Bois Sacré is someone’s absurdist translation of Hollywood (the holy wood), a brand of chewing gum brought over by Americans after WWII. A quick internet search turned up no such translated variation, but I will henceforth scan the grocery aisles for this infallible and breath freshening product.