À votre santé

by jemma margaret

While enjoying an unnecessary cheese course, I remarked to my sister that given enough literature one can discover that pretty much anything is good for you.

Well, except for soda and trans-fats.

But everything else…butter, red wine, organ meats, chocolate, eggs on toast…well someone somewhere has constructed an argument in favor of each and every one of these. Eat them all! Now! In a blender!

Seriously, though. My sister and I have both shared desserts with our dentists. Mine was tiramisu and hers was some sort of sweet bread (not sweetbreads).

In the past 5 days I have consumed strawberry cake, chocolates, hot chocolate, mille feuille, financiers, opera cake, ice cream, chocolates, baklava, gauffres, and a few instances of whipped cream.

The whipped cream is healthy. It restores calcium to your teeth.