Une rétraction et quelques photos

by jemma margaret

Another Pope than this one said, “to err is human, to forgive divine.” So in the spirit of the upcoming holy days I must confess and retract a sentiment from a couple posts back.

But before I do, let me just say how popular retractions were back in the old C19. People were really sorry for a lot of things back then, and not at all afraid to admit it.

Last night after seeing Monna Lisa (two n’s in the French spelling) and Venus de Milo, my sister and I went out for fine de claire, muscadet, and brown bread with butter (early birthday present). Well, as Madeleine put it afterward, it wouldn’t be a dining out experience if we hadn’t been subject to an inappropriate public conversation from a chatty nearby table. The subject of this overheard conversation is really not fit to print. I will just say that we were quite ready to leave in a hurry and not linger over our bivalves.


Madeleine may look as though she’s enjoying her “Snack Express” oyster, bread, and wine deal but is in fact suffering from the words of the girl behind her.

The clincher (and the reason for a retraction) is that though the girl and her date spoke in English, this was only a common language to them, not a native one.

Hence the fault appears to be not so much in the national vocal chords, but rather in my ears. If I understood more French the tables might be turned and I would realize how eloquent all those American tourists are comparatively. I was wrong and I apologize.

Along with witnessing Madeleine’s discomfort (above), see how many salads I ate (three in one sitting!

feastAnd observe my sister’s casual indifference to the cruel plight of this horse!