Quelques petites choses sur Londres

by jemma margaret

This past weekend I went to London to visit family, the Science Museum, and the Jersey oysters (that’s Old Jersey, mind). While Paris vs. New York may be a popular coffee table book, Paris vs. London was written by Charles Dickens.

Having spent all of three days on the other side of the Channel, I am officially an expert and will share with you some of this recent wisdom–in order from rising to sleeping.

Parks. London parks contain all sorts of strange live waterfowl honking glibly beside grassy knolls that people are allowed to walk on. These parks are open and well populated before 8 in the morning.


Plumbing. I took a shower and it fell through the ceiling. Not good.

Walking across the street. So incredibly difficult. The well intentioned “Look Left” signs had the opposite effect of me looking across the street and reading upside down.

Coffee. Have you heard of a Flat White? I hadn’t. Apparently, it is a new invention spawned from the Third Wave Coffee movement. I didn’t order one, but I could have.

Weather. Sunny mornings followed by snow?

Museums. The Science Museum was incredible, but the British Museum was unsettlingly imperialist.


Cheese. Two words: Lincolnshire Poacher.

Beer. Brooklyn and the Bay Area have spoiled me for choice. Two beers on tap and one is Guinness. I do appreciate the half pint option.

Oysters. Paris and London boast amazing oysters at terrifying prices–unless you bring them home to shuck.

Bread. Poîlane…where am I?

Dessert. The best dessert I had over the weekend was a homemade chocolate cake my aunt had described as a cow patty (clearly that negative advertisement worked!). Was sadly disappointed by the white chocolate raspberry cheesecake from Ottolenghi, the crust was especially ho-hum. Ate an obligatory Cadbury Creme Egg, with red wine naturally.