Je crie pour la glacée

by jemma margaret

Screaming for ice cream does not have the same ring to it en français.

Nevertheless there was quite a lot of ice cream hubbub today. If a sunny Sunday spells one thing it’s frozen treats eaten in parks.

I began ice cream eating season with a bang last Monday when my very lovely friend Lauren inaugurated her ice cream machine wedding present. She promises to share with me whenever I like! All of my friends should get married, and then invite me over to use their super sharp knives and shiny pans.

Up until Monday, ice cream recipes made me depressed. There would be a picture and a description of something truly amazing like vanilla malt ice cream or grapefruit campari sorbet, followed by relatively straightforward instructions and then put the whole lot in  your ice cream machine and follow manufacturer’s instructions. I made strawberry frozen yogurt sans machine last summer and it’s a helluva lot of work, basically requiring staying home for 8 consecutive hours.

Now when I see ice cream recipes I can store them away for July and August. And I have one more reason to go buy some vanilla pods! Hooray!

Ice cream in a cone used to be my hands down favorite dessert. Then I worked at Ben & Jerry’s for a couple years. Free ice cream whenever I wanted it. Ice cream perpetually stained to my right arm. The constant smell of waffle cones. This lead to a necessary ice cream hiatus that has been dissipating bit by bit. I am happy to say that ice cream is currently my second favorite dessert. Feel free to guess which my first is (hint, it has the shortest season ever).

The concatenation of all of the above lead me to be waiting in a rather long line not too far from my apartment waiting to place my order with Mary. I wanted the avocado ice cream and the yogurt ice cream (I guess technically gelato, but I don’t think that word has AOC status so who knows what that really means), but she was out of both by the time my turn came. So instead I got the green tea and the crema.

I think I like Berthillon better–though perhaps I should wait to judge until I can try the two flavors I really wanted.

Now if only I can find a source for sour cherry pie!