des asperges blanches et autres mystères

by jemma margaret

Things are growing in the ground again.

While the local Parisian fruits are still lingering in “blossom” stage–vegetables have already begun piling up at the markets. Most notably, white asparagus.

The mystery of white asparagus (for me) is not, why is it white? But rather, why is it so popular over here? Many vendors have heaps and heaps of shockingly priced fat pale stalks, and not the slightest whisper of the thin green variety enjoyed most by Jemmas. What’s all the fuss? A more delicate flavor? Is that culinary code for bland?

That leads me into other great mysteries currently haunting my day-to-day:

Why does anyone eat Emmental?

And, who’s been drinking all my wine?

There was another mystery, but I seem to have forgotten. Watched an entire episode of Inspecteur Barnaby last night, which may explain why I am so keen on detective research today. When the show ended, I quickly turned to Google to figure out what in the world had been going on. After reading several in-depth synopses, I still have no clue.

Thus the culprit is twisted British television plots and not (as suspected) my lack of French comprehension.

Case closed.