les temps ne fait pas beau

by jemma margaret

The weather forecaster on my computer said today would be 69 degree fahrenheit and sunny. Despite the morning chill (the sun rises late over here and it takes until the afternoon to really heat up), I dressed accordingly and set off for the library.

Busy editing a paper, I noticed a delicate thrumming sound that seemed to be coming from above. I looked out the window. It was pouring! Aggravated, I checked the weather forecast, which told me that in Paris it was currently 54 degrees and slightly overcast. Clearly the weather forecaster does not own a window or does not live in Paris. I remember being similarly incredulous when in Vancouver the temperature read 36 degrees and it was snowing. However, in this circumstance I was corrected by someone who knew a bit more atmospheric science. In fact, it is not at all an anomaly to have snow at slightly above freezing temperatures.

But even a mathematician knows that it cannot simultaneously be raining and not raining.