c’est obligatoire

by jemma margaret

I went to an all day conference today, which I will probably tell you about tomorrow.

The conference was at the Institut Henri Poincaré, which is only a few blocks from the Jardin du Luxembourg so I took my salad and apple there for lunch. The weather would have been considered nice in late February. For May it was pretty lousy. However, I enjoyed my walk and meal, returning to the conference venue more or less ready for the second round of sitting still on very uncomfortable “historic” benches. I should also add that this was a generous portion of a substantial salad, so I was far from hungry.

Nevertheless, when it was announced that the leftovers from the catered lunch for invited speakers was now open to anyone I could not resist surveying the offerings. And when I saw there were four cheeses in the dessert section, I felt it was my civic duty to try each one. While I was sampling the less than mind blowing cheeses, I realized that this was not a one time phenomenon, but rather another instance of a dangerous pattern. Tuesday night at my thesis adviser’s I had also tried all the cheeses (there was one with a leaf underneath which was amazing, I will try to get the name of it), at Neal’s Yard Dairy in London I tried as many different types as possible, when my cheese lady has samples out I eat one of each…

Overriding all sensible thoughts is a powerful thought that commands: while in France you must eat as much cheese as possible.

L’imperatif de fromage.