l’entêtement ou le ténacité

by jemma margaret

How about an allegory?

Yesterday, after I bought a sheep cheese (my choice) and a goat cheese (cheese lady’s choice–much more delicious), my cheese lady added a small chocolate cake to the bag, gratuit. Happily surprised, I made plans for an afternoon tea. But upon arriving home and unpacking my wares, I could not resist a small pre-lunch bite.

The frosting was a nice ganache covering an unfortunately dry cake. Oh well, I thought, I will just eat the frosting.

Returning to my treat a little later, I noticed a new cream colored layer intermingled with the cake part. To my delight, this cake was in fact the French version of a black bottom cupcake–one of my favorites. Yet, had I not continued trying, I would never have experienced the delicious layers of cheese and chocolate that made the cake’s texture completely unproblematic.

And had I not continued trying to speak French I wouldn’t have earned the small victory today in someone concluding I was German (after I said all of “Bonjour, 115”)–I think this means improvement.

And if I wasn’t trying to come up with a third example here (since that looks more like a pattern and less like two anomalies) I wouldn’t have taken a brief walk around the block to see Paris in the golden evening light. The sun, one hopes, is trying to be more present these days.

Thus, with all due deference to Yoda, I’d like to recommend trying and trying and trying again–call it obstinate or stubborn, sometimes it’s necessary.