les os

by jemma margaret

My roommate roasted a chicken every few weeks and after an awkward conversation would save the carcass for me.

For dinosaur stock.

This reached rather uncomfortable extremes after returning from a trip to London and finding a pile of bones on the kitchen table.

IMG_1763Well, not exactly like this.

Welcome to the museum of comparative anatomy, where you will find bones a-plenty and organs stored in elegantly labelled jars. There is also a section on monsters including cyclops pigs and two-headed sheep.

I’d recommend not going on a full stomach nor on an empty one, since it is altogether too easy to lose your appetite while looking at the digestive systems of others.

We learned a lot, but perhaps were most surprised by the solid breastplates of many birds. After all those chicken carcasses, I should have known better.

IMG_1771We are going to need a very big pot.