les mains

by jemma margaret

If my memory of French grammar serves me right, one does not use possessive adjectives with body parts.

This seems like it might lead to confusion in situations with many hands and feet (like Twister), but I suppose context clears all confusion.

There is a small but steady stream of fruit flies through our happily open windows, and I may pause to brag that I have become quite adept at clap swatting. I will be cautious in my self praise, lest the fate of the brave little tailor become my own (not that I know of any giants in Paris, but better safe than sorry).

As I mentioned earlier, I went to the X archives last week. What I didn’t mention (since I wasn’t quite sure) was that I held in my own hands a letter written by Napoleon Bonaparte. At least, I hope it was him, and not that annoying Napoleon III.

As one might say in French: