des bagels et baguettes

by jemma margaret

When I first moved to Brooklyn about six years ago, my friend Annie took me to her favorite bagel store in Williamsburgh where she was living at the time.

You should know, she advised me, pretty much any bagel place you choose at random here will be a million times better than what you’d find in California.

This may be less true now than it was then. However, New York is still king (sorry Montreal) of the bagel world. As I like to say to anyone who will listen (and understands English), New York has the second best of everything in the world and the first best bagels.

baguettebagel(Thanks to Vahram Muratyan for the above comparison).

Paris makes beautiful and amazing baguettes, but they seem confused when it comes to bagels. For example, bagels should not be sold from sparkling modernist white boutiques. Bagels should not be pre-cut and made into sandwiches displayed in a shiny glass case. An individual bagel should not cost more than $1.

I will quit it with the bagel imperatives since there are many people far more opinionated (if you can believe it) on this topic than I am.

All that said, one constant holds true for bread commerce in both cities (and I learned this from my favorite pizza eater): don’t trust the corner real estate to have the best product.