en ordre

by jemma margaret

Though a glance through the current state of my earthly possessions wouldn’t suggest it, I spend a lot of time thinking about order.

Perhaps it is more accurate to say that I spend a lot of time thinking about orders: the order of tangency, grocery orders, word order, pairs of ordered points and so on.

You will be surprised to learn that there are many different kinds of order in mathematics. You may be less surprised to learn that I know the contents of the fridge very very well.

Unfortunately, I made a huge mistake.

Forgetting that my Ruche order included not one, but two salad orders and not one, but two half dozen eggs. I bought two heads of salad on Wednesday and 6 eggs on Friday. Hélas! We had to relocate all the root vegetables to a paper bag on the floor. There will be nothing but salad (all leaves triple washed, since the French seem to pack the dirt on their organic vegetables) for all meals henceforth. Okay, salads and eggs.


And turnips.