by jemma margaret

Paris opens the summer with a festival of music at every other bar and street corner.

Strikingly, most of the singing was en anglais. Expectedly, the quality was varying. I was very impressed by the amount of outdoor grilling (the sky was hazy with smoke) and the duration of the drum line (we walked away after watching for ten minutes with no end in sight). The event seemed very family friendly, although the crowd that kept the party going until my 7 AM run was not accompanied by youngsters.

As this is Paris there was plenty of garbage. We saw children fighting over empty plastic plates. Some children will fight over anything that another one of them wants.

I suspect some of that merry making included rain dancing, since the summer so far can best be described as gloomy. The faintest hint of sunshine has us all racing out of doors (with an umbrella because who knows how long it will hold). If you don’t believe in climate change, please keep those ideas to yourself. The Parisians are angry. Summers were once sunny.

Long long hours of daylight though. We go to bed later and later, and I need to practice my naps to stay halfway coherent through the day.

Or else it’s all gobbledygook.