la mauvaise

by jemma margaret

Tomorrow I leave Paris. That was fast. As an appropriate send-off here comes a two (or three?) part series of Paris associated lists. First, the ten bad things I shall not miss about Paris, a.k.a. why I am happy to go. Ahem, I’m afraid by it’s nature this isn’t the most upbeat of posts–except that all the below are coming to an end (more or less).

1. The weather. Yes, you have heard me complain often enough. And, yes, this means that I am in fact looking forward to thunderstorms in sticky 90 degree weather. But it’s the end of June. I am wearing blue jeans and a scarf and carrying around an umbrella. Plus, I have made a solemn vow never to complain about heat (this was made in Vancouver, and has held good since).

2. The cigarettes. Although, who knows, maybe I will start to crave a second hand nicotine high?

3. The homeless problem. I didn’t write very much about this issue of Paris in part because I found it depressing and disturbing. In short, there are a lot of people living on the streets of Paris and asking (with varying shades of politeness and desperation) for money.

4. The isolation. This was in part due to my professional situation, in part due to my language inabilities, and in part due to my rather stay-at-home personality.

5. The crowds. Please don’t tell me that I am moving to a city with 7 times more people.

6. The street stenches and trash. Though the garbage is collected daily, Paris is certainly the smelliest city I have ever lived in and early morning runs revealed obscene amount of refuse often unseen by later risers.

7. The pigeons (and the people who feed them).

8. The teenagers. Why are they never in school? On the other hand, the younger Parisian children are absolutely charming and adorable.

9. The time difference. Very difficult to keep in touch with you Californians nine hours away.

10. The tap water. I look forward to re-hydrating with the deliciousness that makes bagels taste so good (I know, of course, that this is not the reason why bagels taste good since bread in Paris can be quite lovely and the tap water is at best mediocre and at worst undrinkable).