encore encore

by jemma margaret

Facing the sea of festive young Brusellians (if that’s a word?) and their dangerous combination of smoking cigarettes and dancing, we kept our noble goal in mind and forged ahead. To…


with samurai sauce.

The order of events was carefully considered here. Fries to fortify the stomach, beer intermezzo, more beer with raw milk cheeses, and finished with a street waffle (since I needed to have a crunchy waffle, so said my host).

The fries were delicious, but left us very thirsty. This led to a second mad dash through the crowd to buy a bottle of water in a post-apocalyptic grocery store scene. Finally, we reached Delirium, allegedly serving two thousand beers, of which we tried three.

001photobeersThe middle one is called Pink Killer and tasted like cough syrup. The other two were less memorable, in a good way.

We journeyed to a slightly less touristy destination for our second round. Happily our naive request for a recommendation of a strong, light, bitter beer was denied in favor of a sour beer (spontaneous fermentation–yum!), which the server suggested would be a better palate cleanser with our plate of bread and cheese.


It was delicious! We ordered another, similar sour beer.

Then it was waffle time. I am sorry to report this waffle was no more crispy than its predecessor. Perhaps because a large group of Indian tourists had just left (taking all the crispy waffles, or at least the servers willingness to let the waffles get crispy before delivery).

We ate it anyway.

001eatingwaffleUp next…Paris! Views! Dish washing! Woohoo!

001madplaysgamesintrainstationWaiting for Thalys in Brussels!

001sacrecourviewSacré Cour in the sunset…not bad!

001jemmawashesdishesHomemade meals=homemade dishes to be washed.