Bienvenue à Paris!

by jemma margaret

Bonjour from the city of lights!

Really, this time, for the first time in a long time, it’s sunny in Paris. We are all so happy! Yet, my dissertation director reminds me that it will not last. Rain looms on the horizon and I should probably meander in the sunshine until then. Okay, can do.

Yesterday was a travel day. We ate strangely and spent a creepy amount of time watching children in a playground while sitting next to very large suitcases. Young, blonde kidnappers–the stuff of nightmares.

Once we checked in the first order of business was to use the toilet, check email, and then buy the best butter ever! This was very successful, and we are making good headway on finishing it before Friday (when we depart from the home of the best butter–Brittany, ooh la la!). Less successful was our attempt at bread. Perhaps due to an enormous flea market inhabiting most of the third arrondisement, Poîlane had closed early. My favorite spot for dense, grainy bread was also closed. We retreated with our butter, stopping at the poorly stocked Franprix (carrots, lentils, an apple, mushrooms, a lemon, a pineapple, olive oil, rosé), to the apartment to recuperate. I then ate almost an entire pineapple. This is a problem that I have. Also, starving!

Paris by mouth recommended no currently open bakeries in our neighborhood, so I fell back on the tried and true. Delmontel in the ninth, only one number less than ten and thus not so far away.

At Delmontel (my father’s baguette stop for a the month of June 2013), I got a baguette with flax seeds, millet, and poppy seeds (certainly nothing my father would have ordered!). To complete my Parisian excursion I ate the heel and then got lost on the way home imagining that I had a sense of direction in this roundabout city. Nope.

We dined on salad with exceptional bread and butter. Also perfectly acceptable under 3 euro rosé: a Cinsault Grenache blend from Pays d’oc.

Today I met with my supervisor and Madeleine picked out a pastry from the Galeries Lafayette.


We met up for a salad lunch and then took naps plus did a bit of work (and had some tea and a macaron pictured above). The sun was still shining when we awoke, and we struck out for Tentation cheese,


Pain du coin,


and some broccoli (not pictured!)

We also enjoyed a couple of drinks in the sunshine.


Overwhelmed by the wines by the glass list, Madeleine asked for “la même” without even knowing what I had ordered.


Luckily, it was perfectly refreshing and a great aperitif for our broccoli, egg, bread and cheese dinner.