le lait et lilet

by jemma margaret

Maintenant, il pleut.

My run this morning began no a très bizarre note when I came across a man of Asian descent who had just caught a fish in the canal. If I had caught a fish anywhere near Paris, I would throw it back in whatever body of water lay nearest (perhaps la toilette?) because there is beaucoup pollution ici. He was in the process of photographing it, and when I came by asked if I could take a picture. I could not forsake such an opportunity (in fact, I wish I had brought my camera) and took a shot of him holding his fish. Afterward, as his hands were covered in fish juice, he gestured for me to put the phone into his shirt pocket. Awkward!

We had bought a melon yesterday (along with piments langue d’oiseau “pili-pili” a spice which is described as “extrêmement fort à utiliser avec parcimonie” but is actually rather bland and explains why I am wary of eating Mexican, Chinese, Thai, or Indian food on this continent) from Morocco and it was a nice breakfast treat alongside Yerba Maté and some lait leftover from the previous apartment occupants. Don’t worry it expires on the 26th and is organic.

When Madeleine woke up, showered, etc. we went over to the bakery from yesterday evening to try more things. I got a pain baltique, which was not as dense and hearty as I might have liked (further suggesting I need to go further north, but only in the summer months) and Madeleine got something with puff pastry, almond paste and chocolate, which was also ordered by the man behind her in line. She knows what’s up.


We enjoyed our treats with instant coffee. Thank you, Nescafé!

After breakfast, I stayed in to edit papers and Madeleine took the M4 to Montmartre. We met for lunch where I ate a huge artichoke and she had foie gras (and I had fois). Then we both had some rotisserie chicken. Her leg included a joint not normally attached in the American chickens accompanied by some pretty scaly blue skin, reminding us of dinosaur ancestry.


We swung by the local marché on our way home, but most of the booths were still not open from lunch break.

After a nap, a bit of work, and some War and Peace (on my part) and SNL (on her part) we set out for more food and drinks. Monoprix turned out to be a solid choice. Lillet (unexpectedly on sale for 11 euros), a bag of oranges, and some buffalo mozzarella. Tonight’s food adventures bode well. IMG_4313