The Great Paris List

 (here I will try many things, so that you, dear reader, need only try the best

I will only include the very good, and maybe the very bad)

le yaourt

La fermiere: the mixed berry was a bit too sweet for me, but I look forward to trying the plain variety. Especially because the jars make fantastic wine glasses.

update: I bought what I thought was chocolate yogurt by La fermiere in these terrific ceramic jars (because who doesn’t want to drink wine out of cozy ceramic jars?), but it happens to be pudding.

le beurre

Le Beurre Bordier (Esprit de Beurre) is not unlike the Lethe in upon eating it you will forget about all other previous butters but also what you intended to do that day besides spread glorious yellow delicately salted cream on slice after slice of bread.

update: I learned about the butter above from David Lebovitz’s website, so I thought it proper to try his other suggested butter. While imprinted with a lovely pair of cows, it pales (literally paler) in comparison. I am sadly spoiled for life. Although, I must say here and now that the Vermont Creamery butter and the butter for sale at the Marin Farmer’s Market in my memory are just as good as the Bordier variety. I wonder if it will ever be possible to try all three side by side? Sigh…heaven!

le fromage

Oh gosh, we had a very nice aged goat’s milk and I completely forgot what it was called!

After a scrumptious dinner and before a scrumptious dessert, I experienced the true glory of a French dinner party in the form of a very well crafted cheese plate. There was some raw milk epoisses, which we learned is their six year old daughter’s favorite cheese (also my grandfather’s).

le pain

Blé Sucré: delicious baguettes that look like Platonic ideals

Poîlane: the cashier told me how to say sliced (en tranche) and gave me a free cookie–the bread is of course iconic.

update: I bought the rye and currant bread from Poîlane and though it is a bit more than I’d like to spend on bread (so hard to justify when baguettes are a little more or less than 1 euro), I am finding it a sweet start to the day.

Bar à Pain: they won second best baguette in 2009, but I had das Schwarzbrot, which is adorable, filling, very tasty and not at all French

Christian Voiriot: walked quite out of my way to try the Norlander. Warm when I bought it! But not unlike the Schwarzbrot, and over in the 13th.

le chocolat chaud

Pâtisserie Viennoise: exactly what I was looking for all that cold, cold wet day.

le vin

Les Ormes de Cambras, Cinsault-Syrah rosé 2011: this is the only cheap rosé I’ve had in France so far–I’ve already bought two bottles!

Le Joly Rouge! Languedoc, Virgile Joly 2010: a syrah, grenache, cinsault, carignan blend that is indeed très jolie.